Changes expected this school year

TNHS readies for the upcoming school year, bringing in changes for the improvement of delivery of services to its clientele.

New changes are expected this school year 2012-2013.  So brace yourselves for the challenge and see what Tinago National High School (TNHS) has in store for you…

An emblem paints a thousand words…

TNHS started this change with the launching of its new logo last February 2012.  The logo was designed by Aldrin Raymund Abiog, a fourth year student from Bonifacio class of 2012.  The logo is symbolic of all that TNHS aspires for and works towards as an educational institution committed to instilling honesty, integrity and excellence in preparation for life after school.

The logo is a deviation from the traditional round-shaped emblems schools utilize.  It is shaped like a shield signifying the school’s aspiration of protecting its learners.  It also reflects Mt. Isarog at the foreground and the school motto “Aude Aspere,” Latin words meaning “Dare to know” which also means more than what it says superficially.  The three stars correspond to TNHS’ core values of honesty, integrity and excellence.

TNHS’ new logo reflects its aspiration of molding empowered young people who will be ready to face the world after they leave the portals of the school

New uniform

If an image is to be changed, one’s wardrobe also does.  This school year, grade 7 students will be having a different design for their blouses (for girls) and a new logo on their shirt pockets (for boys).  This new uniform has blue sailor collar and necktie accentuated with two white stripes.  The girls will still retain their navy blue skirts while the boys will also wear the same navy blue pants.

Grade 7 students for school year 2012-2013 will get that sailor look in this new prescribed uniform

Adapting to the changing times

These grade 7 students will also learn under a new curriculum–the K to 12 curriculum.  Hence, the freshmen, who will now be called grade 7 students under the junior high school program will have an entirely new package of curriculum aimed at making them globally-competitive, so to speak.  The said curriculum is in its first year of implementation and we have yet to find out how our learners will cope, learn and welcome the world of work after four years in junior high school and another two years in senior high school.

Activities geared towards the holistic development of the students will still be conducted and more learning opportunities will still be provided.  A week before the big day which is the opening of classes, preparations are being done to meet the demands of these new changes.

DepEd’s K to 12 curriculum will roll out its implementation this school year. Grade 7 will be under the four-year Junior High with additional two-year Senior High School in the years to come.

Let us all look forward to a more fruitful and enriched learning year!

Welcome to Tinago National High School!  We dare you to know.


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